MadCraft at Tubecon 2016

It’s that time of year again! Tubecon?the biggest YouTube convention in Europe?is coming to Helsinki, Finland. And we’re performing! Not only are we playing a ridiculously over-the-top show on the main stage, we’re also doing a bunch of other stuff, such as Meet & Greets, and being nominated in the Finnish YouTube Awards as well. […]   READ MOAR!

Holy sh*t! We’re opening for Simple Plan

Holy sh*t! That is pretty much the way we felt when we got the word that we would be opening for Simple Plan. This Canadian 5-piece is probably one of the favorite bands of any Pop Punk fan. Obviously, we are huge fans of Simple Plan as well. We are opening for Simple Plan at The Circus, […]   READ MOAR!

Pop Punk You?ve Never Heard But You Should Vol. 11

Spotify – via Iframely Yeah Detroit Surprisingly Yeah Detroit is not from Detroit, it’s from Scotland (or everywhere…). Sadly these guys quit last year. Allister Allister has been around since 1996, which is like forever. Someone told me that Allister was one the biggest pop punk bands in early 00s. However, it’s really never heard […]   READ MOAR!